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Peter JohnBeing a smart home enthusiast myself, I have always been facinated by the way this devices connect and communicate with each other over the cloud, so I decided to help other people make the right choice and save their hard earned money – however, this is not all – we don’t just review and share articles/guides like most blogs, I also do have a physical location where i do sell most of this products…

which has been a family business passed down to my father and having over 20 years experience, I decided to setup this website. To share my passion for smart home devices with people, so they can buy products with confidence, even when they are choosing between thousands of options…

Cloud Digital Access is an industry leader  We are committed to good old-fashioned customer service, with a touch of class. providing you with mostly informations related to smart home devices, home automation and IOT devices.


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We take pride in maintaining the high standard that we set for ourselves and business partners.

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